We are currently offering an in-person class at two different locations—San Leandro and San Jose. The same class will be taught at both locations. The class is designed for a beginner—someone with little to no experience with American Sign Language (ASL). The instructor will begin by introducing the alphabet, numbers and some basic signs and phrases.

The instructor for the San Leandro class will be Francis Phiri. The instructor for the San Jose class will be Maureen Behrens. Both instructors are Deaf.

The deadline to register for the classes currently offered is Sunday, February 26. If we do not have enough students registered at that time, we will postpone the class. Students already registered will have the option to keep their place in the postponed class or get a refund.

The class is six weeks long—with one class a week. Each class is two hours long.

The class we are offering at the moment is the first level. If we have enough students, we will offer the second level after the end of the first level. And then the third level after the second—and so on…

The classes are designed to be taught at six levels:

  • Level 1 – Six weeks
  • Level 2 – Six weeks
  • Level 3 – Six weeks
  • Level 4 – Six weeks
  • Level 5 – Six weeks
  • Level 6 – Six weeks

The goal is to offer six levels. At the end of the sixth level, students will have an understanding of conversational ASL.

The fee for one student to take one six-week session is $125.

We are currently unable to offer any reduced-fee or free classes.

The suggested textbook: ASL at Work: Student Textbook/DVD is available from us for $85. Again, this book is a suggested textbook. It is not required—however, it is strongly recommended. This textbook will be used for all six levels of the class.

Online classes are not available at this time. We are working to combine the quality of our in-person classes with the technology required for an online class. We hope to begin offering online classes soon.

This class is designed for adults. Teenagers may take this class if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please notify us at the time of registration if someone under the age of 18 will be taking the class. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide childcare for parents with small children who want to take the class.

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Online Classes
Online classes are not available at this time.

Suggested Textbook

ASL at Work: Student Textbook

This book and DVD is a powerful tool for students to use. The 16 units provide clear descriptions and illustrations of grammar principles and language, while offering cultural notes and information about the deaf community. This book will be used in all 6 level classes.


Available as pickup in classes

Buy to pick up your textbook in class.

2017 Schedule

San Leandro Classes - in person (6 weeks)
Dates Times Day Fee Level
Mar 6 - Apr 10 6pm - 8pm Mondays $125 1
Registration (CLOSED)
San Jose classes - in person (6 weeks)
Dates Times Day Fee Level
Mar 7 - Apr 11 6pm - 8pm Tuesdays $125 1
Registration (CLOSED)